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Complementary services

Works that do not have the nature of auditing accounts but are assigned by commercial legislation to auditors of accounts or require extensive training and experience as accounting experts.

Complementary At FORNES & SALAS we help you with works that do not fall within the nature of auditing accounts.

Work assigned <br>by commercial legislation

Work assigned
by commercial legislation

  • Bonds convertible into shares
  • Exclusion of preferential subscription right
  • Valuation of shares in cases of transfer due to death or forced actions and in certain cases of separation and exclusion of partners
  • Liquidation of usufruct without agreement or between the parties on the amount to be paid
  • Other valuation work on shares or social participations
Limited reviews <br>of agreed procedures

Limited reviews
of agreed procedures

  • Limited revisions
  • Revisions of annual packaging declarations (ECOEMBES)
  • Reporting Package Revisions 
  • Specific fact certifications
  • Supporting accounts of subsidies review


  • Expert opinions
  • Due Diligence
  • CSR Review (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Refinancing review
  • Verification of non-financial information statements

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