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Consulting services

Personalized consulting services focused on helping business decisions, driving company growth and creating more efficient processes that contribute to greater productivity

Consultancy At FORNES & SALAS we help you improve and develop any aspect of your business

Economic and <br>financial advice

Economic and
financial advice

  • Economic, financial and accounting advice
  • Review and analysis of administrative and accounting circuits
  • Preparation of annual accounts and other accounting documents
  • Elaboration of economic-financial reports
  • Economic-financial planning
Advice oncorporate operations

Advice oncorporate operations

  • Due Diligence acquisition operations
  • Valuation of companies
  • Evaluation of business and investment projects
  • Elaboration of economic-financial viability plans
  • Advice on merger or demerger operations
  • Support in negotiations


  • Strategic and management consultancy
  • Business plans review and development
  • Balanced scorecards implementation
  • Budget control systems implementation
  • Treasury control systems implementation
  • Internal audit support

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